ECM Technologies offers the full spectrum of services needed for a product to be machined with pECM: from conducting customized R&D to manufacturing the part. Together with constantly expanding our technology expertise we also keep growing our business by gaining experience on related processes and expanding our product portfolio. Throughout the years we have outlined ECM Technologies' core values and philosophy. Those are aimed at serving us as the standard for maintaining our integrity in being both a reliable partner and innovative company.

/// Mission

Our mission: To defend rigorously our thought leadership position within the pECM market, along with proactively promoting the pECM technology across industries. We offer applicable and high quality electrochemical machining solutions, and in everything we do we strive for excellence, innovation, and integrity.

/// Vision

Our vision: To progressively promote the pECM technology and its benefits over the conventional machining techniques. With our products & services offerings we aim to serve the global demand for applying new and exotic metals and alloys, along with finding innovative solutions for existing machining problems.

/// Company Values & Philosophy

  • Innovation: Foster creativity and remain responsive to change, along with constant products and services optimization and advancement
  • Customer focus: We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline
  • Quality: Deliver top-tier results and focus on long-term success 
  • Integrity: Carry out all our work with the greatest responsibility and accountability
  • Productivity: Be a highly effective, capable, and fast-moving company, while remaining authentic and respectful
  • CollaborationLeverage the collective genius of our organization

/// Our History


03-03-2003: ECM Technologies is established as a consultancy practice by its current CEO, Mr. Wolters.

2005: The consultancy business grows into a company with permanent staff of engineering specialists.

2010: Expanding its manufacturing capacity ECM Technologies moves to a new bigger and better equipped facility.

05-03-2012: ECM Technologies signs a partnership agreement with Metem Corporation and establishes a new manufacturing facility in Parsippany, NJ (USA).

03-03-2013: ECM Technologies celebrates its 10th anniversary together with its ever-growing team of engineering and business professionals.

CEO: Hans Henk
" We realize the responsibility of maintaining our thought leadership role, and thus strive to keep on offering superior services and products to our current and potential customers, along with maintaining long term relationship with them. "

Hans-Henk Wolters
CEO ECM Technologies