Symbol of cooperation

A cooperative agreement between ECM Technologies and Metem Corporation was established in 2012 to leverage Metem's leadership role in advanced non-traditional machining with sophisticated and unique electrochemical machining research, process development and manufacturing consultancy services offered by ECM Technologies. While Metem has successfully focused on the Industrial Gas Turbine and Aerospace industries, ECM Technologies' reputation and reach now takes the new association beyond with strong relationships also in the Medical, Consumer Electronics, and Oil & Gas industries. The newly established cooperation capitalizes on the surging market demand for precision-machined components of specialized metals and alloys across industry by offering a comprehensive suite of machining services and production process development.


The Facility

After the initial R&D conducted upon the client's request, the product can be further machined at the Production facility of ECM Technologies, located in Parsippany, USA. The new facility is dedicated to serving high volume electrochemical machining production and is located within the Metem Corporation, business campus.

We're thrilled to have ECM Technologies setting up manufacturing capability next door to our headquarters as our global technology collaboration continues to expand.

Steven Goldthwaite, CEO of Metem Corporation