MARCH 3TH, 2013

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands; March 3rd, 2013 - On March 3rd ECM Technologies celebrates its 10th anniversary. A decade of technology innovation in the electrochemical machining field has firmly established the ECM Technologies team as the validated industry expert, trusted advisor and leader within the pECM ecosystem.

Our company resources and assets continue to grow as we successfully offer unique four-phase approach to research, and together with our newly established New Jersey manufacturing facility, we provide the market with world class production capability.

Together with looking forward towards new goals and exciting opportunities, we take a moment to look back and use the occasion to greatly thank all those who have formed part of ECM Technologies throughout this important first decade of its existence!

They say the first decade is the time when one learns the most valuable lessons in life. At ECM Technologies we share a different belief:

Every new day brings its own wisdom,
and knowledge is acquired throughout life-time.

We are looking forward to cooperating in future and staying young with you!
The ECM Technologies team