The ECM Formula

The elaborate know-how and extensive experience have positioned ECM Technologies as the knowledge leader within the pECM market. Our highly capable professionals' extensive knowledge on both fundamental and application pECM research is what sets us apart and makes us pioneers on the pECM field. We are devoted to continue elaborating our pECM technology knowledge database, thus maintaining our unique leading role on the market.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.

Robert Noyce

ECM Technologies offers the service of Consultancy & Training for companies interested in acquiring skills on the pECM technique directly from the industry's thought leader.


  • Exploring the pECM feasibility at your location with the purpose of educating your employees: ECM Technologies' professionals outsourced temporarily at your company's facilities
  • Learning about the pECM technology at the ECM Technologies facility: we can have your company's professionals being tutored at our facilities
  • Checking the pECM feasibility for a specific business case: cooperative brainstorm work session of both our and your team of professionals

Our electrochemical engineering specialists here at ECM Technologies possess the unique knowledge and expertise, which can help your company into exploring the numerous PECM benefits in accordance to your best convenience.

Hans-Henk Wolters
CEO - ECM Technologies


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