Research & DevelopmentProduction

After the initial R&D conducted upon the client's request, the product can be further machined at one of our Production facilities.

/// Research precedes Production

The final workpiece shape obtained after electrochemical machining is the result of extensive fundamental and application research. A large number of interacting processes were carefully analyzed: the combined presence of electrolyte flow, electrical conduction, species convection and diffusion, ion migration under an electric field, electrochemical reactions, heat generation and heat transfer. All of these processes strongly influence one another and are additionally influenced by local temperature variations and the applied potential at the electrodes. An accurate calculation of shape evolution during electrochemical machining therefore requires a complex combination of models, which should be adequately capable to handle electrochemistry as well as fluid flow and thermal effects over a geometry that changes over time. Only then proceeding to prototyping and eventually production of the workpiece becomes possible.

Production options

• A prototype batch only
• Per business case or specific product demand
• An annual demand: due to the lack of either in-house technology equipment or process specialists

/// Production capability expansion

In the beginning of 2012 ECM Technologies expanded its manufacturing capability by opening a new production facility. Located in Parsippany, USA, the new facility exists in direct geographical proximity to the business unit of the world leading supplier of advanced machining solutions for turbine engine components - Metem Corporation. The new manufacturing facility was born as a result of a partnership agreement between ECM Technologies and Metem Corporation. The newly established cooperation capitalizes on the surging market demand for precision-machined components of specialized metals and alloys across industry by offering a comprehensive suite of machining services and production process development.


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