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ECM Technologies focuses on offering unique R&D on materials, followed by Production of the requested product, as well as Consultancy & Training services within the expertise of pECM.

The service ECM Technologies excels in and has gained extensive experience on is the unique 4-phased Research & Development.

/// Research & Development

In order to achieve optimal results for its clients ECM Technologies initiates every product request with customized R&D. With its unique 4-phase approach, which sets the foundations for the best possible outcomes, ECM Technologies has established itself as the technology knowledge leader on the pECM market.

Our unique 4-phase R&D approach consists of the following stages:

  • Fundamental research: during this initial stage the fundamental electrochemical dissolving behavior of the specific material is analyzed
  • Application research: the specific material behavior results are applied in order to design the tool and outline the process parameters
  • Prototype production: as a result of the research a small batch production, meant for customers' validation, is produced
  • Implementation of the pECM process: before the workpiece gets produced, certain decisions need to be made: having the part manufactured by a standard pECM machine or being developed by customized equipment made on demand; and if the product will be produced at our manufacturing facility or at the client's location

This unique approach, together with the elaborate know-how of our professionals, is what the ECM Technologies innovative nature and thought leadership position are based upon.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or take a look at our frequently asked questions.

/// PECM & its innovative nature

Although a significant amount of research has been conducted on a variety of electrochemical technology' topics, and several books and trade publications are available on the subject, it is often difficult to make use of the research results and published data in practical production situations. This is mainly because

The pECM knowledge resources are not consolidated, not easily available to the industrial user and often not user friendly

In order to achieve the desired output, labor and time consuming trial and error period are required in adjusting the tool shape and the overall set of parameters

The selection of pECM parameters and tool design relies very much on the human expert input, and is hence based on personal knowledge and work experience

The process of tool-electrode design and selection of pECM parameters are both subjective

The graph above illustrates why a company needs to acquire extensive experience and elaborate knowledge on the pECM process in order to become a reliable partner in conducting pECM R&D.