Due to the innovative nature and numerous material and machining benefits of pECM, the technology finds very wide cross-industry application. To current date, ECM Technologies have researched and developed for the majority of the high industries. Below you can see some of the most common pECM product applications per industry, and why the technology is particularly suitable for those:

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Aerospace & Space

PECM is especially suitable for meeting this industry's demand for machining complex geometries and new exotic alloys.

Application examples: turbine blades and blisks in jet engines and gas turbines, gears, nozzles, manifolds, diffusers, valves.


Application examples: turbo chargers, gears, fuel systems, break systems, oil flow features, pistons, shafts, vehicle logos.


PECM's accuracy and surface finishing capabilities makes it an extremely suitable technique for medical applications.

Application examples: artificial implants (e.g., hip implants), surgical instruments, surgical blades, saws & bone drills, clamps, hospital hardware equipment (e.g., parts for a radiation machine).

Energy & Offshore

The internal contouring and overall shape complexity requirements of this industry's products can be successfully met by pECM.

Application examples: petrochemical, oil & gas production (e.g., gas turbines, gas windmills, etc.), drilling installations, turbine engine components: fuel cells, valves, nozzles, and pumps.

Consumer products

Here are a few examples of projects for the Consumer products industry realized by ECM Technologies:

Hygiene products – diapers' surface structuring machine tooling; Watch industry - watch case; Biomedical – pill dies; Domestic Electrics – shaver heads.


In pECM there is no mechanical or even thermal load on the workpiece, which makes it very suitable for the Chemical industry applications.

Application examples: micro reactors, micro heat exchangers, etc.

Machine Tooling

The full-form shaping and surface finishing capabilities of the pECM process makes it suitable for handling a variety of machine tooling applications (e.g., laser-welding machines).

General Engineering

Many of the processes which can be realized with conventional machining can be done so by pECM (e.g., milling, drilling, etc.), and in certain cases pECM can add accuracy or time optimization to those.

Maritime sector

The pECM process is very suitable for a variety of engine and turbocharger applications within the Marine industry. Using products machined with pECM can result being fuel efficient and thus more economic in the long run.

Application examples: compressors blades, propellers and impellers (for turbochargers), whisper power generators (in boat engines).

In case the product application you are interested in being machined with pECM is not listed in the examples above, please do not hesitate to contact us and request further product feasibility details.

For further examples on the pECM application feasibility take a look at the following section: Machining Techniques Application.

/// Machining Techniques Application

Along with machining & designing what conventional machining cannot, such as micro-machining, shaping hard to reach locations, dissolving (instead of cutting), and die-sinking, Precise Electrochemical Machining can add accuracy and substitute or be combined with the following machining techniques:

Depending on the particular product case, using pECM for the above-mentioned processes could result more sustainable and economic in the long run.